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         Hemudu culture was named after the Hemudu site in Yuyao County, Zhejiang Province. Hemudu site was first
excavated in 1973.The age of the Hemudu culture was ca.5000-7000 years ago. As one of the major Neolithic cultures in the Yangtze River region,Hemudu culture mainly distributes in the Ningshao Plain south of the Hangzhou Bay, reaching as far as the Zhoushan Archipelago to the east,and Taizhou luqiaodistrict to the south.
        The main cultural components include abundant domesticated rice, well-developed pile-dwellings, unique charcoal-tempered pottery, and exquisitelycarved ivory artifacts. The rice remains of the Hemudu culture are the richest materials reflecting the development levels of prehistoric rice culture in southern China.the wooden pile-dwellings of the Hemudu culture are important sources of the traditional Chinese wooden architectures. The lacquer ware of the Hemudu culture is
the earliest of its kind in the world known so far; The wooden structured well of the Hemudu culture is the earliest well in China known so far;The discovery and identification of the Hemudu culture are significant breakthroughs in Chinese
Neolithic archaeology, indicating the Yangtze River, just like theYellow River, served as the original center for the origin of ancient Chinese cultures.
       The ancient history of Chinese civilization has been re-written.More than 40 Hemudu culture sites have been found
so far, 9 of them were scientifically excavated, including Hemudu, Tianluoshan, Zishan and Xiangjiashan inYuyao ,
Cihu, Xidongmen,and Fujiashan in Ningbo Jiangbei district,Mingshanhou in Fenghua,Tashan in Xiangshan.
Schedule: Hemudu site list in Yuyao territory
Serial    Name Time(BP)   Location
1 Hemudu site 7000-5000BP Lushansi village Hemudu town 
2 Xiangjiashan site 6300-5000BP Lushansi village Hemudu town
3 Zhangjie site 5500-5000BP Wengfang village Hemudu town
4 Tianwu site 5500-5000BP Wengfang village Hemudu town
5 Xiazhuang site 6000-5500BP Luojiang village Hemudu town
6 Wangqinong site 5500-5000BP Lushansi village Hemudu town 
7   5500-5000BP Xiaojingpu village Hemudu town
8 Caijia site 6000-5500BP Lushansi village Hemudu town 
9 Tianluoshan site 7000-5500BP Xiangao village Sanqishi town
10 Zishan site 7000-3000BP Huitou village zhangting town
11 Yunshantou site 5500-5000BP Erliushi village sanqishi  town
12 Kengshanlong site 5500-5000BP Longnan village Zhangting town
13 Dutoushan site 5500-5000BP Longnan village Zhangting town
14 Kejiashan site 5500-5000BP Fengdong village Zhangting town
15 Miaoshantou site 5500-5000BP